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things you should know about pms + emotions.

As I crawl deeper into my thirties, I’m becoming more and more aware of my whole self. I pay very close attention to everything from my inner feelings to the way my body feels physically. I guess it’s safe to say I care more now that I can actually see myself changing. Also, it really matters to me that I make more wise and informed decisions as I grow older. Age makes you keenly aware of the essence of time and how quickly it slips away.

A key area I’ve noticed a drastic change in over the past year or so is my behavior during my menstrual cycle. These mood swings are manufactured in the pits of hell. Swear.

I’ve always experienced the typical mood changes associated with the phases of my cycle, but here lately everyone around me also notices and gets to experience the swings (no, hard blows) they bring about.

I am quite fascinated by this science, and so it’s a conversation I’ve had with my mama and my girlfriends for years. She’s always advised me to monitor what day of the month it is, especially when it comes down to making emotional decisions. For the most part I’ve heeded her advice, but the truth is: mood swings are impossible to control.

Or are they?

Some studies say diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle can and should regulate our hormones naturally, and that women who regularly experience several symptoms of PMS should see a doctor and possibly seek alternative methods to regulating their hormone levels.