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Work with me

I work with people, most often women in various seasons of life and change: Creatives and writers. Those dealing with heartbreak or facing inevitable change. Those who desire to change, but are afraid to change. Dreamers. Change makers. Taste makers. Mothers, wives. Beautiful humans - being. Who somehow, in some way feel stuck, but are ready to get to the other side.


One Hour  Mentoring

Welcome to my One Hour Mentoring session, a personalized opportunity for you to connect and gain clarity. Life can get complex, and sometimes we just need someone to talk to. Whether you're aspiring to create something amazing (a book or blog, a business, a long time dream), grappling with a tough decision, seeking guidance on a specific matter, or simply longing for a thoughtful conversation, I'm here to offer you an entire hour of dedicated support and insight.


My goal is to provide you with a safe and open space where we can explore your blocks, find solutions, and uncover the clarity you're looking for. Let's have a meaningful conversation to help you move forward with confidence."


Self-Study Mentoring

The Self Study Mentoring program is designed for individuals who are tired of feeling stuck and are eager to embark on a journey towards personal growth and fulfillment. This program is your bridge to the other side, where personal transformation, reinvention, and a renewed sense of purpose await.


I delve into essential life areas, helping you build meaningful relationships and find love, prioritize self-care and self-love practices, and cultivate unshakable confidence. Together, we'll face the unknown and conquer fears that may have held you back, enabling you to move forward with confidence and resilience.


Additionally, I provide invaluable guidance on moving past shame, helping you shed the weight of self-doubt and embrace your authentic self. It's time to break free from limitations, explore uncharted territories, and discover the limitless potential that resides within you."

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Creative Mentoring

My Creative Mentoring program, is a transformative experience for those ready to turn their dreams into reality. I offer comprehensive guidance and support in personal and professional growth, from honing your self-expression through writing, storytelling, and memoir creation to crafting a compelling digital strategy.


Whether you aspire to entrepreneurial endeavors or wish to monetize your creative ideas, I will provide the insights and skills you need. This mentorship empowers you to transform aspirations into achievements, leading you towards fulfillment and success.

Book a 15 Minute Discovery Call

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