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Life and Well Living | Coaching and Cohorts

My goal as your Well-Living coach is to help you get unstuck. And help you pave a path that goes from inward to onward and upward. 

My philosophy is grounded in Truth. When we know the truth, we can make informed decisions and choices that lead us to lives of greater fulfillment and joy. I believe truth is required to experience real freedom, and I believe freedom is essential to a life well-lived. Freedom does not mean we are blowing in the wind as we please with no consequence; it just means we are not tethered to one way of living, thinking or being. We can design a life that feels authentic to us. We can continue to dream and evolve and change our minds as life unfolds. Freedom takes away the heaviness and allows us to have lift. That is what I hope to help you achieve so that you are light enough to truly savor life's pleasures. When you are light, it is easier to see the good. 

It is possible to stay in the light in any given situation. As your coach, I will show you how. 


You will be the curriculum. We'll establish your personal truths and gain clarity about the life you really want. Ultimately, we'll land in a soft place where freedom is as natural as breathing.

Coaching vs

  • Mainly focuses on present and future.

  • Asks where do I go from here.

  • Helps establish tools to reach goals. 

  • Perfect if you feel stuck or like something is missing. 

  • Often shorter term


  • Mainly focuses on past and present. 

  • Asks how did I get here.

  • Cognitive Tools for managing healing and mental health.

  • Perfect if you have some healing to do. 

  • Can be long term

FREE 15 Minute Discovery Call
Kick off the new year with a proper fresh start!

My Life and Well-Living Coaching Sessions are set to officially launch at the top of the year. To sign up for a Free 15 Minute discovery call and learn more before then, please submit your information below.

Please allow 3-5 days for a follow up email to schedule your free call. 

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