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dreams are for real.

Dreams are for real. And making them a reality can be quite the challenge.

I get it.

I understand.

Let’s go for it together.

Here are some key things to consider as you write your vision and dreams for 2018:

1. What do you really want?

In general, how do you see your life playing out over the next one to five to ten years? What things can you put in place now to help you have the life you want? Those are the things (in my opinion) that should go on your vision board. Yes, it’s cool to glue a photo of you retired at forty on the beach to your vision board, but what are the things you need to commit to next year in order for that retirement to actually become reality? I’d say, start small and smart. Set goals that you can realistically reach within the year.

2. When are you the happiest?

Recently, I made a list of the times I’m most happy. An example, “I’m most happy when I’m on a new adventure with my daughter.” Or “I’m most happy when my finances are in order and my house is clean.” And “I’m most happy when I’m in love.” Oh! And, "I'm most happy when I'm home alone and can sing and dance as loud as I please without bothering anyone,"

It was actually super challenging to write this list. I don’t we think we always pay attention to the moments that bring us the most happiness. They’re often too short-lived and overlooked.

3. What do you believe about yourself?

This one is tough. It might require that you take a moment to pray or meditate about the call you hear. For me, this one means that I have to get really close to my reflection in the mirror and ask myself, “What do you believe you can have?” How worthy do you believe you are? What’s inhibiting your faith to believe that you can do, be, and have everything your heart so desires?

Start here, because what I know for sure is that whatever vision you write down (in order for it to manifest), you need to believe is already yours.

Now then.

Get to it.

We've go dreams to remember.

*tip: use these questions as a writing/journal guide as you prepare to create your 2018 Vision Board. :-)



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