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the opening.

Self-love is beautiful to find. I discovered it only after heartbreak on heartbreak, but that’s okay. Eventually, I recognized the need for it, and I dedicated time to growing love within and for myself. I learned that I am the whole. I am not the half. I am not made to complete someone, nor is there anyone out there who can complete me. Rather, we will be two wholes that come together as one. One multiplied by one is still what?

Right. One.

I've noticed that everyone's all about self-care these days, and it's so beautiful. But in your quest for self-love and care don’t close yourself off to the possibility of being loved.

When I was first healing, there were times I wanted to swear off another relationship, but I guess I'm too much of a hopeless romantic, and also just too honest with myself.

I know I’m not designed to be alone, and I don't wanna