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from this bungalow.

From this bungalow I have an incredibly clear view of how life for me has changed over the past year. I can vividly remember my view this time a year ago. It wasn’t nearly as colorful as it is now. There were no wide-open windows. No plush landscape or vegetation surrounding me with sweet aroma. Or maybe this time last year when I was in California (same as now), it was my eyes that just failed to see the view. It was hard to see anything beautiful then.

But today. Today is what matters, and I’m sitting here in a beautiful bungalow that’s literally tucked away down this amazing walk-only pathway. It took some effort to find it, because there are no roads in this neighborhood. Residents can park in alleyways of course, but in order to get to the front door you have to find a park out on the main street and then walk. Walking to 935 (the house number) was a lot like searching for the secret garden. The whole way up I was greeted by the sweet aroma of every pretty flower you can think of (and some you can’t). My girlfriends and I were blown away by the unique character of each bungalow. Some colorful and quaint. Some massive and monotonous, but still dreamy. The gates were often full of ivies. The yards often gardens for orange and lemon trees. My two favorites were one with a tree house right in the front yard. We could almost touch it if we reached far enough. Right there, a real life tree house with pillows freshly fluffed as if someone were planning to sit there and indulge in the peace soon. Another favorite had an art studio that wrapped around the side of the yard. It was raised a little higher than the house and gate, so through the large, old windows you could clearly view the art supplies and canvases of an amazing painter. And I mean, how could you not want to create in a place like this? I wanted to.

935, quaint and colorful with its perfect porch and bright yellow door beckoned us into its warmth. And it’s from that porch I sit in yellow wooden yard chairs to talk about my view from this bungalow.

Everything is beautiful. This view, the sight of the neighbor across the sidewalk. He’s a well put together guy in black denim and a white tee. He’s got on Ray-bans and his hair is slicked back. He’s clean-cut, like his bungalow. His is one of the massive and dreamy ones. All white with hints of color in the landscape only. He’s laying at the lap of his elderly mother on an outdoor couch while she reads her book. The sun is on them. It’s shaded on our side. A little breezy, but the sight of them is radiant, and I feel warm all over. What a love. Wow.

Yes, everything is beautiful. I can really see it now.

I’m in love with my view. Of mother and son from this colorful porch. Of gorgeous trees and plants everywhere I look. Of my best friends’ smiling faces on the couch inside. Of my life. Of my healing heart. Of love.

I’m in love with my life. Not because it’s any better than anyone else’s, but simply because my view is different. You know, it’s all about perspective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you think of your life, what is your view? If you can’t see the beauty maybe it’s time to change what you're looking at or maybe how you're looking at it.

Maybe you should take a trip somewhere. Switch things up. Go by yourself, or take someone who will enjoy the new views with you. Sometimes that’s not your best friend or you significant other.

Sometimes it’s by yourself or with another adventurous spirit who will add an exclamation mark to the end of everything. You know?

I pray your view is clear, or becomes clearer soon. I sincerely do. Because it’s like someone invented eyeball wipers and hit the wash button on mine. All my little smudges are gone, and I literally look at everything as if it were hand painted by God and placed somewhere I'd see it. Just like we carefully choose which walls to hang the art in our homes, so it can be enjoyed and admired by all who visit. *sidenote: if you don’t have art on your walls what is your life? Call/comment/message me. We need to get you together. The view in your own home should be the best of all. That’s your first source of good energy and inspiration in the morning.

Okay. I’m not sure at this point what this post will mean to anyone, but it means something to me. First of all, it’s the first post I’ve completed in weeks, because it’s been hard for me to convey the changes that are taking place with me right now. All good and amazing changes, and I want to share them in a way that truly inspires and moves you. Be patient with me as the words come.

I’ve also just been busy living. So busy that when I get a quiet moment I just want to sleep. I’ll start writing and soon my head will be bobbing and weaving. Ha. Seriously, please send your positive thoughts and prayers this way. I have so much I want to share.

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