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Resetting My Nervous System

I'm resetting my nervous system for several reasons including a holistic doctor telling me that it was essentially in a fight state similar to if I had spinal meningitis (which I don't!) (+ this was a couple of months ago, so I'm for sure good!) LOL. The truth is the tension in my brain and body was severe. It's not a game when they say stress kills, and (again) I wasn't about to die, but my mind and spirit was certainly affecting me physically. And I think we all know and feel when this is happening. Don't we? Like, you know when you're at capacity. Your body tells you; your breathing is labored. Your spirit tugs at you to slow your mind; you just don't want to think anymore.

Let's start with a sharp exhale. You know the kind like when you're trying to complete a task and just want to be done. The end is in sight, but you still have a bit more to do. You breathe in quietly. But the exhale can be heard and felt by those around you. They ask, "What's wrong?" You respond, "Nothing. Just wanna be done." - That's the exhale. We call it a sigh. A sigh is your brain - body's way of releasing tension and resetting your nervous system. This season is like one big, meaningful sigh for me. I'm releasing so much, and it feels just like a healthy exhale should.

The reset. To be clear, what I desire is to simply feel better inside and out. To not have labored breathing. To not feel the tingly things in my fingers when anxiety shows up. To control my thoughts and reactions. To feel well rested. To not have stress induced migraines. To have energy. To not feel fatigued at the thought of doing the most simple tasks. To not obsess over things that are out of my control. I would love to feel really, really light. You know?

What resetting looks like for me is locating the triggers that bring on stress, overwhelm, anxiety, sadness, etc. and working on controlling what I actually can. The first trigger I could easily locate was the way I felt walking into my home. I needed for it to feel like a safe haven; not another thing to add to my to-do list. I talked with my partner and we agreed on a more minimalistic home. I started there. Purged. Cleaned deeply. Organized. Lightened up the decor. It took a solid week or two of making our home the sole focus. Everything else would have to wait. SN: We can do all the things but not at the same time (if they are to be done well).

Other things on my list: 1. Eating better. I'm not even trying to completely change things up. Simply adding more leafy greens into my diet is a wonderful start. It can be accomplished by making a quick smoothie in the morning. Boom. Done. 2. Creating new routines. I don't know, but the older I get, systems are essential. Calendars. Maps. Plans. Goals. And repetitiveness. There's a comfort that can be found in all those things. Is it just me? Even as a freebird, I appreciate structure. Dare I say, the freedom is sweeter when there's a safe (structured) place to land? 3. Therapy and the likes. Journaling the process and the feels. Talking it out. Walking it out. Working on me. 4. Making the sun and outdoors a PRIORITY. Yes, it's that important to let nature be a part of the reset. We cannot get what we need by sitting inside any building all day. Period.

Other ways to reset:

Exercise. Get adequate sleep. Meditate Daily. Drink a detoxing tea daily. The list goes on and on. In some cases, a doctor is necessary. Don't rule that out if you can feel tension that strongly in your body.

The most important thing to remember is to take your time. Because the idea of resetting can be overwhelming in and of itself. Don't be discouraged by all the things it will take to fully reset. Just work on one thing at a time. Resetting isn't an overnight thing. I sure wish it were, but it just ain't. Show yourself all the grace. Go easy on you.


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