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free spirit.

I like to think that my life is an example of how everything, given time, works together for our good.

I pack light. I am light. 






I like the way things are now.  I’m good and free. 

My legs are currently stretched out across a lounge chair.  I’m sitting out on an expansive balcony at a resort hidden in the hills surrounding Lake Travis.  Austin offers a similar breezy, clear air, free people...

I’ve never gone slowly before.  I’m the type of woman who goes with what I’m feeling about ninety-five percent of the time.  I don’t always think things through, as I probably should.  Honestly, I don’t really love to think about things too much.  It’s hard to figure t...

Three weeks remain. 

I’m sad to see it go.  Summer has been good to me.  Colorful, vibrant, happy, rich, full.  Life giving, truly.  It was restful, but not boring, in the least.  Adventurous in every sense of the word.  Just fun! I feel refreshed and new, you know? I n...

Disregard the title of this post.  It’s an inside thing.  This will be about a river, though.  I was finally moved enough to write over this past weekend when I floated one for two and a half hours.  It’s the first time I’ve written this summer.  I’m happy to be moving...

(continued from: The Next Best Time -NOLA Escapes)

So.  We could’ve fallen in love, Santiago and I.  Easily.  After our time together in his native New Orleans I was sure a relationship with him could be beautiful.  He gave me a perfect glimpse.  Painted a perfect pictu...

It had been a few quiet months since my encounter with Cortez (refer to “Cali + Vegas”).  So I was due a good time.  I packed up a few things and hopped in my car one weekend.  Solo.  And headed to The Big Easy to see umm… let’s call him Santiago.

I’d bee...

I’ve been on my own since last May.  Ask my best friends, and they’ll say that’s a lie.  I think it’s very true.  I have not been in a relationship in a year, and SO I’ve (technically) been on my own.  Ask my friends again, and they’ll say a year is no time, and that I...

When I meet a person of interest there’s one thing I need to know before I even consider considering (I said that right) spending any amount of time or energy on them.  Very early on I ask,

“Are you available?”

I don’t preface this question with anything.  I don’t add an...

From this bungalow I have an incredibly clear view of how life for me has changed over the past year.  I can vividly remember my view this time a year ago.  It wasn’t nearly as colorful as it is now.  There were no wide-open windows.  No plush landscape or vegetation s...

I will tell you the truth, because it’s important.  Yesterday, I cried about the failure of my marriage to SDR.  The moment was triggered by a picture I found on my desktop at work.  It was this gorgeous photo of the three of us.  Our family.  A photo that has actually...

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