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picture perfect. (social media tips)

I love photos. If we’re friends on social media, then that’s probably very clear! I love the candid and photo-journalistic approach to picture taking the most. I’m often asked what type of camera I use and/or what my editing secrets are. I usually think to myself, “Who, me?” I am so not an expert! Plus, there are so many Instagram accounts, photogs, artists, etc. whose aesthetic is SO much more amazing than mine. But! I am also humbled that someone thinks I have a pretty okay eye for these things! What a compliment!

So! I’ve come up with a little list (nothing major) of things I do where my photos/content are concerned, because what are we here for if not to share, learn, and grow from one another? This is NOT a competition. Said another way: We are NOT competing with one another! There is room for everyone, and we should be rooting for one another as if our entire existence depends on it.

Because well, it kinda does.

So. Here goes:

DISCLAIMER: Take the pic and put the phone away! Don’t miss making the actual memory, because the entire time you were on the phone. Wait for a moment you’d like to capture, capture it, and then put the phone down. You can post and edit it later. My boyfriend and daughter would approve this message. Ha!

Okay. Here goes for real this time:

ONE: When posting try and keep the theme central. Most of my pics are about the same things: My evolution, my daughter, my relationship, and/or my dreams. I may randomly post friends, events, family, but that’s not my central theme, so it’s rare. There’s nothing wrong posting those things, but I am more focused on things that would lead a person to want to read my blog, which is about the things I listed above. You follow?

An example: If you’re a mom with great advice, then wonderful! A person who is looking to follow pages about motherhood will know to follow you if most of your pics are of children as opposed to if you have random pics of you and your cousin watching the world series followed by a pic of your new puppy followed by a random selfie about your new Fenty lipstick! LOL! Again, all these things are great, but if you’re looking to target a certain audience (which btw helps grow your following -IF that’s your goal), you’re gonna have to get specific about your photo content!

TWO: Colors and filters matter. It can be hard, but when possible try to use the same filters. This will give your photos a more cohesive look overall. And if/when you’re able try and keep like colors grouped together. The best IG accounts use the same color palette throughout! Go and look at some of your faves, and see what I tell ya!

For filters I currently use what IG offers. I like to use the Clarendon filter, because of the contrast. My thing is contrast. I love lights and darks paired. If you look at my page you’ll notice the photos mostly all have some sort of darkness to them. Blacks and deep hues. And then I use white as the background for my quotes and such. I keep all the quotes in the same font to add to the overall cohesiveness.

Apps: I used to love the VSCO app. Any other suggestions? Please list in the comments below!

Overall, people should somewhat know what they can expect from your posts. It helps them decide if they’d like to see it on their feed or not, you know?

Okay. This is longer than I’d thought, so I’ll just start with these two and answer the questions I get most: “Who is your photographer? and What camera do you use?” in the next post. Here's a secret: All of my iPhone photos are taken by me or my boyfriend. Even the ones we're both in. -More later!

I hope this helps those who are working to get their IG/social content the way the really want it. Again, I’m NO expert, but I have received plenty emails, DM’s etc. about what I do/use. So… now that the book is done! OW! It’s back to blogging for while! YAY! I’ve missed it.

Okay. Be back next week w/ Part 2. Promise!

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