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a curated moment for self

a retreat

by Rachel Mayo @rachelinthelight black girl travel black girl in a hammock resting napping free

Photos by: Rachel Mayo/@rachelinthelight



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When was the last time you treated yourself

to something wonderful? 

We don't often get the opportunity to say yes to new experiences, real adventure, escapism, or personal fulfillment.

Especially for women, our days are frequently spent on autopilot trying to check off an ever growing to-do list. 

This retreat is about pressing pause and escaping for a while to give yourself the attention you deserve. 
Escapism will offer you the freedom to relax, breathe, rest, reflect, and recharge. You'll enjoy breathtakingly beautiful California landscapes, mountains and beaches. You'll be inspired by sharing space and time with like minded women. And most of all, you'll leave feeling wonderful about putting yourself first and investing in your own well being. You'll be so glad you said yes.  
about retreat

Escapism Includes:

what's included

4 Days Accommodations: Our time will be spent together in a spacious luxury home nestled in a bowl of mountains just on the outside of Joshua Tree National Park.


Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off from LAX: Transportation will be arranged provided your plane arrives/leaves within a certain window of time on travel days.


Transportation around Joshua Tree: Travel to and from all group destinations is included!


Meals (Breakfast and Dinner): Breakfast and Dinner are a part of the daily routine. Lunch is on your own and can be a great time to explore the city with or without the group. 


Morning Meditation/Stretching Sessions: These sessions are optional. 


One on One Session with Brandie: During this 30+ minute session feel free to ask me anything, tell me anything, and receive my ear, honesty and genuine interest + insight. It is important to me that you leave feeling fulfilled, having more clarity, and knowing you are heard.

Or maybe we'll just be chatting it up about how amazing California weather is! The topic/s are totally up to you!


Evening Fireside Chats: These group chats are the heart of the retreat. In the evenings, open dialogue will be encouraged and facilitated by your host, Brandie Freely. Topics will vary widely, and sharing out will be considered a private and sacred form of healing and release. 

Inspiring Experiences: Beach DayEasy and Safe Hiking to Scenic Views, Specially Curated Playlists, Dinner in The City, Networking, and more.


Professional Photo Shoot: Each guest will have an individual photo shoot by a professional photographer. Imagine. Setting: Golden time of day, natural light, California landscape, and you in your favorite thing to wear, feeling magical.

The images will be yours to hold on to or share.

(Photo shoot is optional)

Free Time: Each day has ample free time built in. Use this time to work on a project, catch up on reading, hang out by the pool, chat it up with a new friend, visit LA sights and attractions, OR DO NOTHING AT ALL!


Thoughtful Details: From the moment you arrive, expect to find pleasure and surprises in even the littlest of details. A professional team is seeing to it that you have an experience you won't soon forget! 

Saying no is easy. Why is that? Do something different this time. Say "Yes". 


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Send me an email, and I'll keep you posted on how to be

at the next ESCAPISM!

See you there!
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