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Of           Course        You               Can
Have     The       Life          You      Want.

You're in the right place if you desire to change your life for the better, to expand, or to transform. ​Allow me to help you create the life you really want.

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You Are Always Free
To Change Your Life

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life you really want.

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Let's do the Work.

Hi There!

I'm willing to bet you ended up here by way of social media. Maybe you've seen some of my words floating around or heard about The Escapism Retreat.

Either way, I'm glad you stopped by.
I'm Brandie, freely. I've been fortunate enough to build a life and career around creativity, authenticity and honest evolution.
My words and offerings are about learning to ebb and flow with life.

In what ways can I serve you on this leg of

your journey?

Creative Mentoring:

  • Writing/Story Telling/Memoir

  • Digital and Social Media Footprint and Strategy

  • Pivoting Into Entrepreneurship 

  • Monetizing Ideas

Self-Study Mentoring:

  • Personal Transformation/Reinvention

  • Relationships/Love

  • Self-Care/Love Practices

  • Confidence Building

  • Facing the Unknown/Fears

  • Moving Past Shame


Are You Ready to Change your Life?

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Creative Mentoring is for you if you are finally ready to do something about your dreams.

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Self Study Mentoring is for you if you are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to make it to the other side.


One Hour

One Hour Mentoring is for you if you just need to talk something out for clarity’s sake.


"Working with Brandie has unlocked some sort of new level in me. I truly feel like I can create the life I really want and not feel a need to apologize for it."

Elaine Y. | Self Study Mentoring

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The Escapism Retreat is about carving out a moment of time to just be. To breathe. To rest. To find peace. Clarity. To relate with like minds. To let go. To unravel. And be put back together again. To feel. To connect. To find your center far away from it all, lost in nature and surrounded by beauty.


This retreat is about going inward; it's about the transformative power of stillness. 

Read the Blog

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For the love of well-living.

Inside, you can find tons of goodness. From relationships and motherhood to wellness and recipes. You'll also be able to find quick links to some of my favorite things


Get in here. It's all inside.



The Self-Study Journal

The Self-Study Journal helps you delve into your roots, learning, growing, and finding answers through introspective questions. It unveils more about your essence, inspiring healing writing, solitude, clarity, gratitude, and joy. With free writing space and numerous prompts, it fosters introspective exploration.

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