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Hi there! I'm Brandie, freely. Thanks for being here! Look around. Make yourself at home.


I've been fortunate enough to build a life and career surrounding creativity, authenticity and honest evolution. My words and offerings are about learning to ebb and flow with life.

I am a Life and Well-Living Coach, Author, Owner of The Escapism Retreat, and Editor-in-Chief of Lumin Magazine.

Above all, I am in love with humans - being. I am passionate about helping people connect the dots of life. I've been at this work for 17 years, and it still fulfills me to the core.

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The Blog

For the love of well-living.

Inside, you can find tons of goodness. From relationships and motherhood to wellness and recipes. You'll also be able to find quick links to some of my favorite things.

Get in here. It's all inside.

Make Caramel Brulee
Syrup At Home.
Life and Well-Living Coach

For twenty years I have been an  educator, mentor and coach to hundreds of people. It has truly been my life's work. After all this time I'm excited to have developed a methodology I believe can help anyone get unstuck and move inward, onward and upward in their journey. The goal with my clients is Well-Living. Lightness. Ease. Clarity. and Purpose.

I would love to guide you there. 

My 1 on 1 + Cohort Sessions will begin at the top of the new year. The perfect jump start to reaching your personal goals in 2023!

Check out these cohorts and workshops surrounding Well-Living and Writing. There's nothing like joining a community that is working towards similar goals as you. Join in below. 

No upcoming events at the moment

Join me at
The Escapism Retreat 

One thing I know for sure is that we need one another. There is no person on this planet that could or should survive this life alone. I am always on a mission to expand my tribe and connect others so they can do the same. 

"Brandie’s ability to create a sacred and safe space in such a short time is some sort of magic I am forever changed by. I came more fully into myself, into my womanhood. It was as much a homecoming as it was an escape. None of these words seem full enough to encompass the richness of the experience."

Sharde Carrington - The Escapism Retreat Joshua Tree

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