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What I Do

I offer straight forward coaching to writers and aspiring authors and bloggers who may feel stuck or unsure about how to move forward in their writing endeavors. 

Whether at the brain storming level, lost somewhere in the plot, or uncertain if the story is actually complete, I meet writers where they are on their journey and  help them carry on.  

Other services include editing, writing critiques, content creation for social media, and reviews.

My Expertise

I have 15 years of professional language arts and writing experience, most of which was spent as an english educator. Several years were dedicated to a successful blog, and most recently I self published my first book.

I am passionate about the art of language and how it moves us. I'm also passionate about helping others say exactly what it is they're thinking and feeling. Words are interesting. There is an art to how they are weaved together to create a masterpiece.  

How I Can Help You

"If you’re interested in breaking through the ceiling of your writing career, moving past baggage that’s getting in the way of your success, or transforming the entire process into something more enjoyable and effective, then bringing in a writing coach can be a great choice."  -Ryan G. Van Cleave


Writing Coach


A writing coach acts as any coach would. We provide a winning game plan and encourage you along the way. I offer tools for organization, collaborate with you on goals and deadlines, help you find a flow that works for you, and offer you sound advice from my experience as a self published author who also had a career, child, and relationship to balance as I pressed toward my dream. 

Set up a free consultation today. 

Content + Developmental Editing

$4-8/Per Page

I will edit your manuscript for structure and focused content. The order in which your words are pieced together can make all the difference in your audience's experience. I will make sure it makes sense to the reader, the sentences and paragraphs are in the right order, or maybe even remove sentences that are redundant or irrelevant.

This work takes a special eye and gift, both of which I have.

Email or book a free consultation for a quote.

Copy Editing/Proofreading

$3-6/Per Page

I will edit your manuscript for the mechanics. Examples: Simple and complex grammar errors as well as spelling, punctuation, formatting, and other such mistakes.

While often overlooked, grammar can greatly impact the integrity of your finished product and your validity as a writer. 

Email or book a free consultation for a quote. 

*I can do custom quotes for websites, blogs, and other copy as well. 

Writing Critique

$175/20 Pages

Sometimes, we just need to know if we're on the right track and/or if our work is "good enough". 

I will gladly read up to twenty pages of your manuscript and provide you with honest feedback as well as provide notes and tips about moving forward. I will highlight my thoughts about the overall structure, development, and tone of your work.

Email me to gain a sense of confidence as you continue on your writing journey.

Social Media Content/Strategy


Social Media is one of the largest and most important marketing platforms. If you're planning on selling your book or having people buy into what you're offering, then your social media accounts need to grab potential customers'/followers'/clients' attention within the first three seconds. Images will do that; specifically the first nine images (but that's insider information). And once they've clicked on the image, the content needs to be equally as engaging.

I'll give you the tools, tricks, and tips to create and grow a compelling social media presence.

Book your One Hour Strategy Session now. 

Blog Start Up/Website Builder


I will design a blog/website for you to house your writing, musings, and other endeavors. Once complete, I'll walk you through how to maintain and update it on your own. Your name will be attached to it as if you are the sole creator. It will be your baby. We will fully collaborate on the design, theme, and layout. 

Email me now to get on the list now, as it is growing fast. 

Creative Process


Identifying our creative process can be tricky and often discouraging when we fail to do so.

Allow me to guide you through the exploration of what practices/methods/rituals really work for you and leave you feeling productive and inspired.

Maybe you're experiencing writer's block. Let's work on a cure and get you back on track. 

Book a consultation to learn how. 

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