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+Editing Services  

Meet your new writing coach and developmental editor,

Brandie Freely.

I'm a 17 year, career writer. From undergrad to being an educator, and now helping aspiring authors and writers see their projects to completion, I have managed to make a life as a writer. I'm extremely proud of that and happy to share all that I've learned along the journey.

I offer individual and group coaching to walk you through the entire writing process from developing the idea all the way to publishing. 

My unique approach to coaching is one hundred percent collaborative. We will walk through the process together through weekly or bi-monthly sessions. My all-in approach is not just about accountability but the actual honing of your craft. I help you write. And write better. 


These intensive courses are the perfect writing approach for the individual who does well with deadlines, tons of accountability and small groups. These courses move quickly and produce finished products within a reasonable, yet purposefully fixed timeline. This course is hosted live, online once a week (on the weekend) with myself and an intimate writing community. The curriculum and weekly tasks are available online on an organized and user-friendly platform, and each live meeting is recorded and sent out for those who are unable to attend a class on any given weekend. 


As a WRITING COACH, I act as any coach would. I provide a winning game plan and encourage you along the way. I offer tools for story and character development and organization. I collaborate with you on goals and deadlines, help you find a flow that works for you, and offer sound advice from my experience as a self-published author who also balanced a career, children, and relationships as I pressed toward my dream. 

As a CREATIVE PROCESS COACH, I help you determine what sparks your ideas and motivates you to do something with them. We explore your natural ebbs and flow as a creative. What are your blocks or triggers? What inspires you? What is it that you are trying to manifest?

Set up a free consultation today, and let's discuss how I can help you get to the other side. 



I will examine your manuscript for proper structure and focused content. The order in which your words are pieced together can make all the difference in the reader's experience, which is why a developmental edit can take your writing to the next level. My approach to developmental editing is a bit unconventional in that the process is collaborative. We will meet virtually and work through your manuscript together. I find this strategy to be more time effective as well as beneficial long term for you, the writer. 


Maybe you just want some honest, unbiased feedback or to simply know, "Is this good enough?" A writing critique might be what you're looking for. I will read through a long excerpt of your writing and provide you with detailed commentary on the highs and lows (if there are any) of your work. I will also provide tools and resources for revision if needed. A good critique can be just the boost you need to get you to the finish line!

Email Me or Book a Consultation for a free quote for these services.




"Brandie has introduced me to helpful techniques and aides so that the process of writing has become easier and more organized."

-Tiffany Ferrette

"I appreciate Brandie's honest feedback. It has absolutely increased my confidence as a writer. Thanks for making the editing process as painless as possible."

-Yahya Smith "The Feminine Success"

"Before working with Brandie, I was inconsistent and lacked the motivation to write. After 3 months of working together, I launched the blog I'd been putting off."

- Autumn Henson

"If you’re interested in breaking through the ceiling of your writing career, moving past baggage that’s getting in the way of your success, or transforming the entire process into something more enjoyable and effective, then bringing in a writing coach can be a great choice."  -Ryan G. Van Cleave

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