necessary changes.

I recently turned 35, and it felt like a really significant milestone in my life, although age is just a number to be true. 35 just feels like an internal alarm to wake up and be more intentional. Wake up and really carpe freakin diem, you know? I'm not sure what age you are, and it really doesn't matter, because this internal alarm clock goes off at different times in our lives. Some years we hit the snooze button, while others we rise up and take action.

I'm determined that this will be a year of action.

I am currently putting a plan in place. Fail to plan; plan to fail, right?

So, over the past few weeks I've been tracking my habits and natural routines. I've been paying attention to how I do things and whether or not they're truly working for me. I've taken note of what's happening around me when I am having what I deem a successful day. Is my home clean and organized? Did I make a list for that day? Did I get a good night's rest? Am I alone or around people? What sparks my success?

I've noticed that structure plays a huge part in it, and who knew? I'm Brandie, freely for goodness' sake. Freedom is supposed to be my jam! (And it still is!)

It's just that growing older, or maybe becoming an entrepreneur, or a mom of two (or maybe all of the above) has made it very clear to me that freedom is not free. That in order to maintain my evolved definition of freedom, I must invite structure into my life. It's not necessary; it is actually mandatory OR this new level of freedom that I have found can and will be snatched away.

I don't want that. I quite enjoy setting my own schedule and working with whom I deem a good fit for myself and my lifestyle. I enjoy being available to both my children at all hours of the day without concern or responsibility for the priorities of a business that is not my own.

So how am I going about the maintenance of my freedom?

#1. ORGANIZATION: I have sat down with a good friend who lives and operates from the calendar on her phone. We spent hours one day at a coffee shop talking about how it has worked for her for years. We discussed what apps she uses, she gave me tutorials on said apps, and for the past couple of months I have using her tried and true tools to practice achieving organization in my daily life and routine. Have I been perfect at it? Not yet, but l am getting so much better!

#2. PLANNING: I am not a great planner. I actually have done relatively well improvising and winging it up to this point in my life. I can't help but wonder, though, how much further would I have been had I mapped out my goals and desires and then followed said map step by step until I got to where I was going? Not to say that there would've been zero detours, but I tend to believe I'd have had less 'going in circles'. You understand?

#2B: I've hired a financial coach/planner. Over the course of two months we will track my habits and explore my 1, 3 and 5 year goals. He will then show me how and what I have to do, financially, to reach those goals. It's really causing me to think about planning in every aspect of my life. Like, what do I want to be doing at 45? Ok, there needs to be clarity there and also an actual plan as to how it's going to happen. I can no longer live off just a wish, hope and dream. All of those words have to become verbs, which takes me to...

#3: DOING: I am the type of person who says things like, "If only I had a new (and cute) running shoes I'd go jogging every Saturday morning." Or. "If I could get that new set of Ayesha Curry pots, I'd cook more." I get said things and guess what? Nothing changes. I live in my head a lot. Thinking up all the things I'd do if the timing was right, the setting, the mood, the feeling. And a lot of times, none of those things are "right" and so nothing gets accomplished.

I have to learn to just do. If my shoes are jank, and I don't have new, cutesy workout attire, I still need to get active, because my 35 year old ass is not quite as perky as my 30 year old one was. So then, what the heck is it gon' look like at 40? (I wish you could've seen the look of terror on my face as I typed that and imagined my 40 year old behind at the rate I'm going.)

The point is: The time is now.

I've got some things on my list today:

1. Plan out meals (this is an easy life hack that has so many benefits).

2. Get my house in order (cleaning, laundry, organize for the week ahead so that Monday doesn't begin with chaos).

3. Do something I said I want/need to do in regards to myself and my goals. Currently, I'm writing this blog. It's 7:04 am and I began around 6. I'm starting the day with a huge check off of my list, so I'm feeling energized and optimistic about how the rest of this Sunday is gonna go.

We get one life. And everyday we get to start over. What a blessing? We don't have to stay in the days, moments, mistakes of yesterday. We get to try again at the start of each new morning.

Thank God, because I honestly want to get this thing right before it's all said and done, you know? I want to be able to say I know what it's like to operate as my best self. I know what is possible when my full potential is realized.

I wanna know what that looks and feels like, and moreover, what I can create, accomplish, and DO!

This is 35 (for me). I'm making necessary changes starting now.

Stick with me, and let's see what will come of it. If you choose to make some changes of your own, please let me know. We can encourage one another on this journey to our best selves.




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