It was late July when I decided to come out from under a rock. I’d been underneath it keeping still, waiting, and praying for things to get better.

But. I had put in my time. I had been committed to doing my part. I’d already given enough; no one could ever call my bluff.

It was time to emerge.

I hopped on a plane back to California, The Land of Milk and Honey (as they call it). This time to the southern part where it never rains; Los Angeles, LaLaLand... The sunshine and breeze were calling my name.

I remember flying over the city as the plane descended. I felt so high, so sanguine about the possibilities of life. I was gonna take in the view on one of those mountains. I was gonna burry my toes in the sand on one of those beaches. Let the breeze blow through my hair like it did the leaves on the palm trees that lined the streets. I was going to clean out my system. Delete a few items. Press the restart button and re-load some new dreams while I was in California this time.

And I did.

I can recall the exact moment of clarity. I had climbed the popular Runyon Canyon, and the views were beyond inspiring. The higher I climbed, the clearer things became. I kept going. Kept climbing. There was a particular peak that opened up to reveal the entire city. You could see all the way to the ocean. I paused in the moment. Literally breathed it in. And kept breathing. Just breathing. I sat down in the dirt to breathe some more.

That was where I exhaled as tears filled my eyes. They weren’t sad, though. They were tears of sweet surrender. They were tears of gratitude as I thought on the grace that had covered me thus far on my journey.

There is no place I feel more connected to God than surrounded by nature. It’s where I can almost touch him.

In the ocean, I’m stepping into His voice.

In the mountains, I am safe in His arms.

In the sun, I am reminded that He is ever present… even when I can’t see His face.

I was with God in that moment. So I stayed as long as I could.

As I breathed out, He breathed life into me.

I felt Him.

And I needed that.

I needed to find this freshness for my new start.

continued in California Escapes Part II...


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