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what do you want?

You know how that person who loves you the most will ask how you’re doing twice?

“How are you?” they’ll ask.

You’ll respond, “I’m doing okay!”

They’ll squint they’re eyes, lean in, and ask once more, “How are you really doing?”

You’ll take a moment to decide if you want to give them the whole truth, or keep it at “I’m okay.”

This is me asking, “What do you want?” and I’m leaning in with squinted eyes, because I want the absolute truth. I want you to really consider it.

I’m doing the same. In preparation for my 2018 Vision Board Party (register here) and for the manifestations I’m going to write and speak into my life, I’m asking myself what I really, really want, first.

I’m making a list. I started yesterday. On it are some sincere desires. None are too specific. Mostly they are things I want out of life overall. These are the things that involve my day to day. This list isn’t about the big stuff yet; that will come later.

The title of my list is:


and underneath I listed some things, like:

–to marvel at something everyday.

Or –to be more aware and present in the passing moments of my life.

So let’s start there. If you’re planning on creating a vision board this year and need some guidance, here is your first assignment. Get quiet and still somewhere. Make sure no one will interrupt you. Have your favorite things around you, or be in a favorite space of yours and ask yourself “What do I really, really want?” Be honest with yourself. It’s only about you. You can go big or you can go small. But be intentional when you write it down. Know that deep down it’s something you really hope to invite into your life. You can even write the reason (for enrichment -lol), but write something down. Talk to yourself and God. Get real for a moment. Breathe, exhale, enJOY the time and space you’re in, and begin to write a vision for yourself.

You have until next Tuesday. The next assignment will be posted then!

If you still haven’t registered for my FREE Vision Board Party, you can do so HERE!

I sure hope to see you there! We’re manifesting and we’re carrying ON! We’ve got growing to do and dreams to remember!



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