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Highs. Lows. Life.

There is an ebb and flow. It is uninterrupted. The rhythm sometimes varies, but it is continuous.

There are highs. Highs like L.O.V.E., happiness (based on circumstance), good finances, great relationships with family and people in general, career goals being met, feeling organized, newness, fresh starts, travel, valuable learning, enriching experiences, feeling important, new beginnings, ORDER.

And there are lows. Like rejection, abandonment, confusion, indecisiveness, loneliness, doubt, break-ups, deaths, unexpected change, financial trouble, debt, sickness, the loss of loved ones, being unsure, fear of the unknown, issues at work, bad relationships, DESPERATION.

These highs and lows will come and go just as sure as there is night, and there is day.

With this most valuable understanding I do two things:

Stay humble when things are amazing. And remain hopeful when things seem hopeless.

The process is not easy initially, but with time, lessons, and practice it becomes possible. For me it’s not only possible, but necessary. Necessary, because I refuse to go through life feeling like I deserve to be happy all the time when I do so many things that make me unworthy of that. On the other hand, I refuse to go through life beat down when I have a merciful God who orders my steps and in whom I place my trust.


I attempt to be modest even when my living is mind-blowing, because I have knowledge of life’s ebb and flow. I get that things could take a turn for the worse in a moment. However, when they do I refuse to stay down for long. Ever. Whatever it is, I let it hurt. I feel and release the emotions that I need to, and then I wait with great hope for that ebb and flow to raise me up again. In the meantime I reflect on the blessing of lessons, and how they grow me up. I take the time to appreciate the wisdom, and then… well, and then I write it all down…