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free spirit.

I like to think that my life is an example of how everything, given time, works together for our good.

I pack light. I am light. 






How do you call it when you realize he’s not the one? What if he’s almost the one? What if he moves you, and inspires you, and holds you down, and is your friend, and makes you feel safe, and shares common interests, and is great in bed? What if he’s sexy, and funny, a...

Where do I begin?

I’m different.  Let’s just start there.  I don’t usually do or think things the way others do.  I’m emphatically compassionate and understanding.  I purposefully look to see the beauty in all people, things, circumstances, situations, etc.  I really do...

That moment when you’re drowning and reaching out for the very person you’d give your life for.  They’re standing there.  You’re crying out.  They hear you.  See you.  But won’t save your life.
I’ve lived that moment.
I hate to think back on it, b...

Out on the farthest edge

there in the silence,

You were there.

My faith was torn to shreds,

my heart in the balance.

You were there.

Always faithful.

Always good.

Midnight thinking on the mercies of God:

I’ve lost myself before.  More than once.  I’ve felt that God was nowhere...

There is an ebb and flow.  It is uninterrupted.  The rhythm sometimes varies, but it is continuous.

There are highs.  Highs like L.O.V.E., happiness (based on circumstance), good finances, great relationships with family and people in general, career goals being me...

I was once afraid of people saying, “Who does she think she is?” Now I stand and say, “This is who I am.” –Oprah

I absolutely love this! It is THE story of my life in a basic little line.  It is the evolution from girl to woman simply put.  It is a truism for any evolvi...

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