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free spirit.

I like to think that my life is an example of how everything, given time, works together for our good.

I pack light. I am light. 






Over the past several months, I have tried and failed and then tried again and failed again

to master my mornings.

Despite knowing the benefits, I continue to hit that snooze button on most mornings as if fifteen more minutes of sleep will somehow make me excited to get...

As I crawl deeper into my thirties, I’m becoming more and more aware of my whole self. I pay very close attention to everything from my inner feelings to the way my body feels physically. I guess it’s safe to say I care more now that I can actually see myself changing....

Dreams are for real.  And making them a reality can be quite the challenge.

I get it.

I understand.

Let’s go for it together.

Here are some key things to consider as you write your vision and dreams for 2018:

1. What do you really want?

In general, how do you see your life...

“What are you so anxious about?” Dr. Rad often asks me. And “What are you striving so hard for?” my Houston based therapist, Dr. Daryl Bailey, likes to challenge. 

“I don’t know…” is my honest answer.  I think the unknowns in life just sometimes get the best of me. I am...

This past spring/early summer, I received an email from a producer on The Voice.

Yes, for real. 

She invited me to their private auditions in a nearby city.  I was in total disbelief at first, and so were all the people I called screaming through the phone, “GUESS WHAT...

Self-love is beautiful to find. I discovered it only after heartbreak on heartbreak, but that’s okay. Eventually, I recognized the need for it, and I dedicated time to growing love within and for myself.  I learned that I am the whole. I am not the half. I am not made...

You know how that person who loves you the most will ask how you’re doing twice?

“How are you?” they’ll ask. 

You’ll respond, “I’m doing okay!”

They’ll squint they’re eyes, lean in, and ask once more, “How are you really doing?”

You’ll take a moment to decide if you want t...

I’m learning to hold on.  Waves are a consistent push-pull in our lives.  Creatively, I struggle with this.  Sometimes I’m so very inspired and productive and motivated to live out my dreams.  I go hard.  I stay up late and write.  I complete the first few steps of pro...

Eventually, the desire to understand our own layers deepens.  Some dig in and do the dirty work, getting down to the root of who they really are. 

Some prefer not to bother what’s below for fear of altering what appears to be thriving above the surface.

What I have...

I like the way things are now.  I’m good and free. 

My legs are currently stretched out across a lounge chair.  I’m sitting out on an expansive balcony at a resort hidden in the hills surrounding Lake Travis.  Austin offers a similar breezy, clear air, free people...

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