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mompreneur. writer. free spirit.

i like to think that my life is an example of how everything, given time, works together for our good.

i pack light. i am light. 






Here’s what happened:

I began to truly identify and explore my interests much later in my twenties.  I wasn’t one of those high schoolers who knew they were an artist early on, and so hung with the other (labeled) “weirdos” and “different” kids.  I was a regular kid, ma...

I left home.  It was long overdue, but perfectly timed at the same time.  I left and moved to the city.  I considered (and still consider) California.  Near Los Angeles.  It wasn’t the time, though.  Not yet.  Time is of the essence.  And I trust timing.  Even when it...

I’ve never dated.  I mean, like really taken my time to get to know a person before becoming exclusive with them.  Or dated more than one person within a certain time frame.  Or dated as a means of exploring myself.  You know? Like, as a means of figuring out what I li...

Leaving out of my gate this evening I looked up through a window of one of several warehouses turned art studios directly across the street.  Inside, there was a man wearing a blue shirt.  He was standing and pacing the open space in a circle.  I wondered what he was p...

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